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remember_furp's Journal

Memories of Furp
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This community stands as a memorial to Patrick Reed, known affectionately as "Furp" to his friends.
Patrick "Furp" Reed was a veteran of the Iraq War where he served with the US Navy. In the course of his duties he made life better for many a brave Marine. Furp lost his life in a tragic accident outside of a military base in California when he was struck by another vehicle while riding his beloved motorcycle. Ironically, the other driver was himself a Marine. Early reports indicated that the other driver was intoxicated, although later information suggested that the collision was simply a tragic accident.

Furp was also a trained emergency medical technician who was well-known for his kindness and compassion and was always eager to help someone in distress. He was never without his medical kit and put it to good use on many, many occasions, both in conflict and at home.

This community is intended to serve as a place for his friends to share their photographs and memories of this extraordinary young man, known to many as a shining example of all that is good in the human spirit. Please tell us what you remember, be it funny or sad or simply outrageous; as we all know, Furp would have liked the last one best of all. If you post photos, please place them under an LJ-cut, so that people do not become annoyed by Furp-spam on their friends lists. We want him to be remembered fondly.

A number of people have asked how best to honor Furp. The answer, of course, they already know. Any time you stop to help a stranger whose car has broken down on the roadside, or stoop to pick someone up who has slipped on the sidewalk, or simply place your hand on the shoulder of a fellow human being who is in pain and say, "Let me help you," your are honoring Furp in the grandest way.